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Many vehicle owners find chips and scratches to be very annoying because they are unable to avoid them. In the past, the only thing you could do was waxing with restorative paints or sealants. This did not help much. However, that was in the past and new revolutionary methods such as RestorFX that will make the car look like it just been taken out of the showroom are now available. Here is an account of how RestorFX is unlike anything on the market for repairing the clear coat of your car.

RestorFX is not like wax, sealant or even polish that only covers the car imperfections. This is a hand applied method of treatment that completely cures all imperfections on the car. The chemical is carefully designed to adhere to car clear coat and restore it with another protective finish. More car owners prefer RestorFX because it the cars are able to last longer with a smooth appearance without demanding a new coat of paint. This is a sure way to add value to your car.

RestorFX finish is different from others that simply cut and polish to give your car the ultimate outlook. The ordinary cut and polish removes the present clear coat and replaces it with a temporary sealant which is less durable. You will therefore have to reapply this coat after a short while, every few months. However, RestorFX does not remove the existing clear coat. Instead, it restores it so that the car gets a permanent solution. You will therefore spend and get more out of your car.

The main cause of damage to the clear coat of your car is weakening of the chemical bonds that make the paint become susceptible to direct and destructive radiation of the sun such as UV rays. RestorFX is made of two parts chemical bond that aids in treating finish problems of the car. RestorFX is therefore better because it does not cover the problem like other types. The result is a permanent cure for the car and restoring its appearance so that it looks just like when it was new. It is this reason that the system has taken the market for car restoration by storm. Do not go for other models that have no guarantee for the car, consider trying RestorFX and enjoy higher value for every dollar spent and lovely outlook for the car.

Clear Coat Repair