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Many people wonder how RestorFX Clear Coat repair works. Normally with RestorFX, you would be able to clear off coat scratches and blemishes up to 99%. They will be repaired and restored to their perfect state in such a brilliant manner. Below is a process of how it all happens.

RestorFX Renew
You will notice that your vehicle needs checking when you see scratches, fading, scuffs, oxidation, road-rash, swirls among others. RestorFX Renew begins by effectively getting rid of the blemishes mentioned above.

Unfortunately with other methods, they create a clear look by cutting into the depth of the existing coating. This technique is not sustainable as it could give a duller coat. Furthermore, it eats into the vital protective coat.

On the other hand, RestorFX Renew restores the blemishes by employing chemical techniques that naturally treat the blemishes. This treating encapsulates leveling and even filling the parts that are damaged without eating into the clear coat. Instead, it improves the look of the vehicle wholesomely.

It is vital to note that RestorFX Renew does not work like the conventional polish, wax or sealant that cut into the clear cutting. On the contrary, it employs a chemical technique that involves self-curing that leaves a level clear coat.

RestorFX Refinish
This paint from RestorFX works hand in hand with the restoration product. For vehicles that have chips and dings, they may affect the quality of the new gloss. While traditional methods use a small brush to fill them, RestorFX Refinish is quite different. This paint comes with a system that ensures the same paint is placed inside the chip. This is done in a process that allows the chips to fill up evenly.

Conventional methods would have the chips filled with globs of paint that leave spherical silhouettes on the coat of the car. Any other finish would leave marks on the car. Combining RestorFX Refinish with RestorFX Renew makes them effective to cure any blemishes.

RestorFX Retain
Even after using both RestorFX Refinish and RestorFX Renew, your vehicle would still be susceptible to the blemishes you have just repaired. This is where RestorFX Retain comes handy by ensuring that the new clear coat is not exposed to the dangers of wear and tear including scuffs and scrapes.

This product protects the coat for up to six months making sure it is damage free. Thereafter, you can have it reapplied for six more months.

For those who were curious about how RestorFX Clear Coat Repair Works, one thing should be clear in your mind; RestorFX comes as a formidable package.

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