November 2013

When people drive their cars on the streets, they want them to look elegant. They are however interested in understanding methods of maintaining this lovely appearance for longer in a cost effective way. Clear coat repair is one of the methods that guarantee any car the most elegant appearance for a longer period of time. Here are the main reasons why clear coat repair is important and should be done with great focus.

Repairing the clear coat helps to protect a car and keep its smooth look for longer. An effective clear coat will protect the under paint from UV radiation and avoid the crackly and fading appearance. You will not get ashamed when pulling over to your friends’ events such as wedding ceremonies because your car looks old and unappealing. Repairing the clear coat further protects the car from scratches. Most of the things that cause minor scratches to a car will be completely resisted so that it will not need repainting soon.

When a clear coat of the car gets worked out, the glossy appearance is lost and the car looks old and odd. Whether the car is rolling on the street or is parked on the office parking lot, everybody will be wondering whether it is new or the one they are used to. A repaired clear coat will also make close peers always want to be associated with the car. It is therefore a special source of joy to the owner and close friends. For people who intend to take their cars for motor show, they simply cannot afford to overlook clear coat repair.

Every vehicle owner wants it to look elegant and more valuable. One of the reasons why clear coat repair is important for any car is increasing the value and resale price. The shiny appearance, sealed dents and protection by the clear coat will make the car value to go up and raise its demand on the showroom or where it is displayed online. Insurance companies will also view your car to be well maintained and charge less because it is a lower risk entity.

For many people who own cars or looking forward to buying their first one, one of the main goals is ensuring they get durable vehicles. This can be guaranteed by repairing the clear coat cover. It protects the underlying paint and general vehicle body which will ultimately extend the lifespan of the car. This is the surest way to enjoy a car and have higher value for money.

Clear Coat Repair

Many vehicle owners find chips and scratches to be very annoying because they are unable to avoid them. In the past, the only thing you could do was waxing with restorative paints or sealants. This did not help much. However, that was in the past and new revolutionary methods such as RestorFX that will make the car look like it just been taken out of the showroom are now available. Here is an account of how RestorFX is unlike anything on the market for repairing the clear coat of your car.

RestorFX is not like wax, sealant or even polish that only covers the car imperfections. This is a hand applied method of treatment that completely cures all imperfections on the car. The chemical is carefully designed to adhere to car clear coat and restore it with another protective finish. More car owners prefer RestorFX because it the cars are able to last longer with a smooth appearance without demanding a new coat of paint. This is a sure way to add value to your car.

RestorFX finish is different from others that simply cut and polish to give your car the ultimate outlook. The ordinary cut and polish removes the present clear coat and replaces it with a temporary sealant which is less durable. You will therefore have to reapply this coat after a short while, every few months. However, RestorFX does not remove the existing clear coat. Instead, it restores it so that the car gets a permanent solution. You will therefore spend and get more out of your car.

The main cause of damage to the clear coat of your car is weakening of the chemical bonds that make the paint become susceptible to direct and destructive radiation of the sun such as UV rays. RestorFX is made of two parts chemical bond that aids in treating finish problems of the car. RestorFX is therefore better because it does not cover the problem like other types. The result is a permanent cure for the car and restoring its appearance so that it looks just like when it was new. It is this reason that the system has taken the market for car restoration by storm. Do not go for other models that have no guarantee for the car, consider trying RestorFX and enjoy higher value for every dollar spent and lovely outlook for the car.

Clear Coat Repair

People who own cars for more than three years are always wondering and thinking about repainting to give them appropriate appearance. However, repainting is not just buying several spray cans and applying it on the car. Repainting requires removal of the current layers of paint, applying an undercoat and several layers of spray with the color the owner wants the car to have. The owner does not have to go this far because there are cheaper and highly effective methods of making the car look elegant for longer. Here is a recount of how RestorFX is less expensive than remaining.

The process of applying RestorFX is simpler because the owner does not have to remove all the under layers. RestorFX is chemically tested and will cure the clear coat to give the car that special appearance the owner has always been yearning. The owner will only require a small amount of RestorFX to transform the car compared to tens of spray cans that could have been used for repainting.
The task of repainting a car is demanding because the underlying layers have to be removed and cleaned before new layers can be completed. If the owner does not have several assistants, the job could even take several days to complete. The high number of man hours will translate to additional cost to the owner. This is a cost that can be avoided by using RestorFX. RestorFX is an easy to implement system that is less involving. Once the car is clean and dry, even a single person can complete the entire task within a short period of time.

One of the main things demonstrating how RestorFX is less expensive than repainting lies on levels of durability. Once a car has been repainted, the spray is left exposed to natural weather and other causes of minor scratches. Every car owner who goes for repainting will no doubt have to redo the job after several months. A layer of paint will easily crack from hot temperatures and fade when exposed to UV radiation from the sun. However, RestorFX protects the inner layers and reflects away all the harmful radiations from the sun. You can therefore be assured that the car will last for longer with the shiny appearance without requiring reapplication soon. By choosing RestorFX, the car owner can save up to 50% of the total amount associated with repainting.

Clear Coat Repair

How Repairing the Clear Coat of a Car Can Increase Resell Value

The appearance of a car on the showroom is the first thing that catches the attention of a potential buyer. Repairing the clear coat of a car for an old vehicle is very critical for improving this appearance and general quality the vehicle. Here is an account of how repairing the clear coat of a car can increase resell value.

It improves the appearance of the car
Nobody is interested in buying a dull car. Repairing the clear coat of a car gives the old car a clear and smooth appearance that will be more attractive to buyers. This will make it look as good as new and raise the demand. If the car is put on the showroom or posted online, the number of people asking for information about it will sharply rise because of the special appeal. From the law of demand and supply, higher demand when the supply is low results to an upward shift in price. It will be a great surprise to look at the large number of people who want to pay more if that is all they need to do to own the elegant car.

Resale value of a car is mainly hinged on durability. When clients visit showrooms or even view vehicles online, the main interest is getting a car that will last for a longer time. Repairing the clear coat of a car gives the sense of a well cared vehicle which is a critical assurance that it will last for longer. However, it is also important to ensure that the engine is functioning well so that road test and other operations do not fail you.

Because the vehicle will in many instances be running on open roads, get parked on the streets and even open garages, a repaired clear coat of a car helps to protect it from the effects of direct sunshine. Often, UV radiation is very destructive and causes cracking effects on the car body even ordinary color has been applied. However, a repaired clear coat of a car reflects all radiations including UV rays for complete protection of the car. This is an important indicator that the car will last longer and will not require frequent repainting.

It covers minor dents and makes the car look better
When fixing a price for your old car, main issues factored on include the state of the engine and the body. These two are the main things that determine whether the vehicle is good or bad. As valuation takes place, the main focus is whether the body has dents, holes and other small malformations that can be used as pointers that the vehicle was poorly used. By applying a clear coat of color, the valuation officer only sees a shiny, smooth and appealing car. It will therefore be rated high and recommended for sale at a higher price. The above methods show how repairing the clear coat of a car can increase resale value and fetch you more to use in getting a new car or other uses.

Clear Coat Repair

Many people wonder how RestorFX Clear Coat repair works. Normally with RestorFX, you would be able to clear off coat scratches and blemishes up to 99%. They will be repaired and restored to their perfect state in such a brilliant manner. Below is a process of how it all happens.

RestorFX Renew
You will notice that your vehicle needs checking when you see scratches, fading, scuffs, oxidation, road-rash, swirls among others. RestorFX Renew begins by effectively getting rid of the blemishes mentioned above.

Unfortunately with other methods, they create a clear look by cutting into the depth of the existing coating. This technique is not sustainable as it could give a duller coat. Furthermore, it eats into the vital protective coat.

On the other hand, RestorFX Renew restores the blemishes by employing chemical techniques that naturally treat the blemishes. This treating encapsulates leveling and even filling the parts that are damaged without eating into the clear coat. Instead, it improves the look of the vehicle wholesomely.

It is vital to note that RestorFX Renew does not work like the conventional polish, wax or sealant that cut into the clear cutting. On the contrary, it employs a chemical technique that involves self-curing that leaves a level clear coat.

RestorFX Refinish
This paint from RestorFX works hand in hand with the restoration product. For vehicles that have chips and dings, they may affect the quality of the new gloss. While traditional methods use a small brush to fill them, RestorFX Refinish is quite different. This paint comes with a system that ensures the same paint is placed inside the chip. This is done in a process that allows the chips to fill up evenly.

Conventional methods would have the chips filled with globs of paint that leave spherical silhouettes on the coat of the car. Any other finish would leave marks on the car. Combining RestorFX Refinish with RestorFX Renew makes them effective to cure any blemishes.

RestorFX Retain
Even after using both RestorFX Refinish and RestorFX Renew, your vehicle would still be susceptible to the blemishes you have just repaired. This is where RestorFX Retain comes handy by ensuring that the new clear coat is not exposed to the dangers of wear and tear including scuffs and scrapes.

This product protects the coat for up to six months making sure it is damage free. Thereafter, you can have it reapplied for six more months.

For those who were curious about how RestorFX Clear Coat Repair Works, one thing should be clear in your mind; RestorFX comes as a formidable package.

Clear Coat Repair