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RestorFX is a state of the art, hand applied and refinishing clear coat restoration system that does restore the clear coat of a vehicle to a brand new like state. It does this by fixing all the scratches, any scuffs and all the other clear coat anomalies that may be present in the car. The change it makes on the car coat is permanent and does not fade or pale away.

It Is worth noting that RestorFX is by no means a wax-off or wax-on product, neither is it a polish, some form of temporary wax or sealant. Our product is meant for professional use, has been tried and tested and seen to provide stellar results on every vehicle.

The RestorFX product family of automotive refinishing system constitutes the following products; RestorFX Renew, RestorFX Refinish and RestorFX Retain. The entire family of products uses the latest technologies to provide world-class service to all its users. The product is hand applied and the RestorFX certified technician(s) who will do for you the job is well trained and highly experienced. The vehicle will end up giving clients a mirror like gloss that is free from swirls and a car body that is both beautiful and sturdy.

At RestorFX we offer a simple license that can enable an organization or individual to use the RestorFX automotive restoration system in their business. Our Licensing process is easy to get started and cost effective. If you are seriously looking for a business opportunity that is full of potential and will easily set you apart from your business peers, then this is it.

RestorFX being the licensor will offer you proper training that will not only educate you, but also help you transition into the use of RestorFX products. It is also worth noting that the company even though based in the US, has a huge global presence and has numerous representatives and agents dotting almost every corner of the earth. Due to this fact, the company can offer onsite training anywhere in the world; this implies that we bring our services, training and products not only to your business but most importantly; closer to the end user.

Our products can easily be incorporated in your business routine as the company is open-minded and flexible. The company is further willing and ready to get into customized licensee arrangements with deserving clients who may show interest. If you are interested, give us a call or send us an email and we shall surely get back to you.