July 2013

We know there’s plenty of options when you’re seeking a clear coat restoration system for your business. With our patented, two-part, chemically adhering and self-leveling process, your customers will be satisfied for many years to come due to the product being a permanent solution.

RestorFX™ is a hand-applied refinishing clear coat restoration system which restores a vehicle’s clear coat to a like-new state, repairing scratches, scuffs, and clear coat imperfections.  Our product is the best and most efficient clear coat scratch remover, which makes large-scale clear coat scratch repairs quick and long lasting.

We truly have the #1 automotive clear coat restorative product – Because of our RestorFX Refinish System, car paint scratch repair, car paint dings, and divots can be fixed efficiently. The RestorFX Refinish System is not a typical automotive touch up paint! Our unique and patented system results in a beautiful, smooth and well blended finish that your clients will enjoy for years to come.

It doesn’t matter if you own a small fleet of personal vehicles you’re interested in purchasing RestorFX for, or if you’re a auto detail shop, or used vehicle sales manager seeking to obtain the most value out of your inventory. Contact us for more information regarding our business opportunities with RestorFX!RestorFX is very different than most products on the market that get sprayed or wiped on to cover up and hide damage. We all know that even new vehicles receive wear and tear as the years go by.

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from the team at RestorFX Automotive!

Perhaps your car is over 5 years old. You’re not ready to sell it, yet you’d like to upgrade the appearance. Should you really spend the money in repainting your daily driver? Painting a car requires more than just a few cans of spray paint! There are plenty of low cost options that advertise “$200 paint jobs”, however the poor quality and workmanship will become apparent within just a few weeks, damaging your car even further. A high quality paint job for your vehicle starts with a qualified and well established paint shop. Endless hours and costing your thousands of dollars.

Do you really need a new paint job? RestorFX is a cost effective new process that is changing everything.

RestorFX™ is a hand-applied, refinishing clear coat restoration system which literally restores a vehicle’s clear coat to a like-new state, fixing scratches, scuffs, and other clear coat imperfections.  It is also a two-part, chemically adhering and self-leveling, process that is permanent, and guaranteed to last!


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